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March 31, 2009

India is going to the polls. The Poll bugle has sounded and the political parties have started blowing their own trumpets. All the contending parties are getting ready to flood the voting public with promises,(often repeated in their manifestos) and allegations and counter allegations against each other. The common man is not confused but a silent listener. He knows very well which side of his bread is buttered. He would have already made up his mind. He will attend all the political meetings giving (false)hope and impression to the aspiring candidate that all the attendees are with him and gives the candidate a taste of mobocracy.

The common man will receive all the gifts clandestinely passed on by the candidates and at the time of pressing the button in the EVM, he will take the final decision and that is it. No one can predict the outcome correctly, save the exit polls,which does to some extent.

In the Indian scenario the battle for the 15th Lok Sabha has begun. The battle is not between two sides. There are so many sides. So many opponents. Each candidate will have to remember carefully the identity of the opponent,with whom he is fighting or for whom he is fighting. The poll – fighters will have to fight differently with their enemies in different States. A party which is a friend in one State may be a foe in another,thanks to the so called political compulsions. Fair weather friends leave or join the alliances for obvious reasons and Coalition politics will be here to stay. The small parties will have a bigger say in the formation of the Government and they presently use their standing to bargain for more seats.The beauty is, every party thinks it is indispensable and invincible. They join forces and forge alliances and fronts which keep on increasing.”There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.”(This is an usual and infamous quote by the opportunist – politicians who frequently jump sides to justify their latest alignments. There may be friends who may be with the party but would not vote with the party but they may have their own private agenda and candidates. The present trend is some how to get a seat,fight the election and regroup at a later stage,according to the political winds which offer bright future for five years.

To understand “What is Politics “ let me quote the following verses which depict what is politics with an example.

Socialism You have two cows. You give one cow to your neighbour

Communism You have two cows.The Government takes them and gives you


Fascism You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots


Capitalism You have two cows. They sell one cow and buy a bull

Trade Unionism You have two cows.They take both. Shoot one cow.Milk the

other and throw the milk away

In India the aspirants to the Lok sabha include socialists,communists,capitalists and Trade Unionists.(what about fascists ? I donot know because no one can fathom the mind of the politicians)

You know what will happen if you have two cows. You should learn to protect your cows and have the milk too.What you should do. How about electing the breed with the mix of a socialist and capitalist.The socialist in him will make you give the other cow to your neighbour.The capitalist in him will sell the neighbour’s cow to buy a bull. Then you and your cow will have to depend on the neighbour for all practical purposes and the neighbor will have to follow suit. At least by this way one who possess the cow will get milk and have calves at a later stage. These calves may turn into cows or bulls so that more such examples can be cited to describe politics. You can have the cow as well as drink the milk. Hence it is better to vote to one’s advantage.

The Politicians may woo the voters with caste tags,religious tags,ethnic tags etc,But do not fall for it.Know your Politician KYP like the bankers adopt the policy of Know your customer. One way the politician is also a customer with whom you are going to do social business for five years.( I am not referring to those winning candidates who visit their constituency once in 5 years). Recession does not seem to have affected many a cash rich party, who are intent on spending billions of rupees as “investment”.To confuse the voters,and to make fast bucks on the last dates of withdrawal of nominations , so many ‘namesake ’candidates file their nominations and invest small amounts as deposits. Politics means a ‘lot’ to those who want to make a ‘lot’.

Any way it is not the voter’s problem.

Your votes will speak for you. You send the message to the politicians by selecting the appropriate candidate and they will get the message. But you should use the democratic weapon,which you are allowed to use it once in 5 years for few seconds and you will not get another chance to use it again till next elections for which you will have to wait for another five years. You can compare yourself with the legendary Karan in the great epic “Maha Bharat “ when he was made to promise to use Bramhastra only once on Arjun. However thanks to the advice of Lord Krishna through Kunthi Devi ( to ensure the victory of good over the evil) he could not take second chance. Anyway Karan was knowing what he was doing . It is better to make use of the chance once decisively when it is available and for all. Every one who was not caring till now should realize that “ It is out duty to vote”. As a citizen of India, the constitution defines Voting as your Right as well as your Duty. However ,with too many precedents of bogus voting and rigging, we may also have to pray before exercising our franchise