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March 31, 2009

Amidst controversy , the organizers of IPL season 2 decided to shift the IPL 2 Tournaments from India to South Africa. India’s loss is South Africa’s gain. The decision to shift was not welcomed by majority,but by the team owners and advertisers and event managers. The IPL management was intent on conducting the matches some how in their pursuit of making fast bucks. They were not bothered about the timings of the schedules. All the matches were supposed to, have been played in India during the prime time of Annual Examinations. The students whose exams were in the offing, constituted a thumbing majority of the cricket loving public. Watching the matches,when they must be actually preparing for their exams would have had telling effect on their academic scores. Further the organizers were not prepared to believe the “clear and present danger”. They went to the extent of telling the players and their troupes that the IPL management will provide security to them. But they had totally forgotten about the security of the gullible public and the danger they will be exposed to, in case of materialization of any threat to their secutity. How can IPL protect the fifty thousand strong audience without the help of the Government security agencies. Their quest for fast bucks, has made them totally forget the reality and they behaved like horses with Blinkers and interested in going ahead with the matches.Greed knows no bounds.

Finally when the Government finally put their foot down, and made their firm decision and demonstrated that security of the public is also important.The decision was viewed as a silver lining in the dark clouds. When the IPL management decided to shift the matches out of India, it was a great relief to the students and to the politicians. Of course one should not forget the loss of revenue to the Hospitality and tourism industry. If one assumes it is a political decision, it was a welcome and wise decision .The IPL organisers got the message and chose to move out instead of postponing. They did not mind the revenue loss to the Government or about depriving the voters among the organizers/event managers/players/thousands of Indian audience from exercising their franchise in the elections but were interested in continuing their business in Sports Industry. Since they could not wait a little longer to conduct the Indian Premier League in the stadia of India they may as well think of re-christening IPL as International Premier League.