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Honesty not only pays but also collects Taxes.

March 13, 2009

We all know ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and ‘Honesty pays’. We are taught about honesty in our school days and the students write essays in their curriculam and prepare speeches to win competitions. So far they learn it in theory.But when they try to put in practice,the young generations are confused and they ask themselves whether the honesty really pays. They come to realize with determination that honesty begets rewards sometimes and most of the times go un recognised.By being rich and being honest is comparatively easy.But the honesty among the prro and downtrodden is very common and deserve the praise ,recognition and reward. Honesty itself is a reward. No wealth can equal this. We have heard about the honesty of auto/taxi drivers, police constables in these days.

I have come across an incident which gave a new meaning to the dictum “Honesty also collects taxes”. The story behind this was published in newspapers sometime back. This news item showed how unscrupulous people take the Transport Department for a ride.

One reputed journalist in Chennai travelled in an Auto rickshaw in the morning hours carrying few luggages ,which included an expensive camera which he kept in the space behind the seat. Forgetting to take the camera with him he alighted from the auto and later reached home where he noticed that the camera was missing. As a shrewd journalist he remembered the Registration number of the auto in which he travelled. He personally met a Senior officer in the Traffic Police Department ,who was media- friendly and sought his help. The Police officer immediately flashed the Regn. Number of the Auto rickshaw to all police stations/traffic check points in the city for immediate apprehension/detention of the particular auto. In the meantime one driver who took over from his colleague in the after noon shift noticed the camera behind the rear seat of the Auto rickshaw. He guessed that when his colleague was on the morning shift , some passenger should have inadvertently left it behind. Being a honest person he immediately went to the commissioner’s office and handed over the camera to the Senior Police officer who congratulated the auto driver for his honesty. When all these things were happening, wireless messages started pouring in from six different police stations in the city that they have traced and detained the “auto rickshaw” with the particular Regn No. The Police officers immediately smelt the rat and all the autorickshaws were ordered to be seized and the owner was later arrested. It came to light on investigation that the owner paid permit charges and road Tax etc for only one auto and used copies of the same documents for other autos as well and thus was evading tax . Thus he honesty of single auto rickshaw driver brought the scam to light. Like Superstar Rajni Kanth depicted the role of auto rickshaw drivers in his Tamil Movie “Baadsha” with his song “Naan Autokaaran .. Autokaaran ..” The driver of the above auto rickshaw has proved himself to be a living example of the autokaaran referred to by Rajni Kanth.

I recall having read about another incident which happened in the in busy Majestic area of Bangalore city ,when two Omni buses came near the office of a “reputed” travel agency to pick up the passengers one late evening. Seeing the two omni buses juxta posed, with same Registration number ,the passengers got confused and in the melee ,some ticket brokers promptly alerted the police who arrived on the scene,registered a case and detained the buses.Later the RTO authorities demanded and collected the permit charges and tax per seat with back date. I think this is only tip of the ice burg.The reason for this , is the greediness of the owner of the auto rickshaws and omni buses who thought “who is going to check ?’. Anyway the honesty of an auto rickshaw driver really made the owner pay the taxes resulted in collection of taxes.