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April 21, 2009

The IPL organizers have started intensifying their Advertisement compaigns to promote the viewership for IPL through electronic media especially after the Media watchers reported that the TRP which was 8.21% on the first day of IPL season-1, dipped to 5.55% in the inaugural day of IPL season 2 , The Advt was trying to ‘unite India’ with the saying THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WHEN 100 CRORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK LIKE ONE COUNTRY”

I could not make out , to which people the Advt. was trying to refer to.Obviousely it must be referring to the cricket loving Indian people. The IPL-2 is betting on the viewership of about 2 million Indians in South Africa and the few thousands(?) who could afford to burn their money(Between Rs 60 thousand to Rs 1 lakh for about 4 days for travel,hotel accommodation and other incidentals) to proceed to South Africa to watch the matches alive. The aim of this propaganda is to popularize the watching of IPL season 2 among the Indian cricket loving public, who lost the chance of viewing the Twenty –twenty matches live in various cities of India,(thanks to the politics in Sports) and settled to watch the matches in their television sets. If one tries to understand as to whether the advertisement really means what it was intended to mean, one may not agree with the message.There is no chance that the spectators or listeners will think like one country. Let me explain.

In IPL-2 totally 191 players are participating from various countries in 8 teams. Out of the above 111 players are Indians and 80 players are foreigners. All the teams owned by Indian companies. Irrespective of the fact , who wins, – the winning team will and can be Indian only.It is not correct to say that the players will play for their country and the audience will support them like one country. The teams which are EIGHT in numbers , are divided region wise. Like Chennai, Bangalore, Hederabad, Delhi, Punjab, Kolkata, Mumbai, Rajasthan. The Indian audience will try to identify themselves with the respective team on regional and State basis. There is no question of any one supporting a team on National basis. In each Match the players on both sides are not expected to play for their country but for their respective team. So unlike ODIs and Test matches and 20-20 International competitions, the IPL is not uniting India but making the people support their own state/region. It is natural for a Rajasthani to support the Rajasthan Royals irrespective of the combination of the players.The Chennai people will support Chennai Superkings not withstanding the fact that Captain of the team MSDhoni hails from Jharkhand. They also will support other foreign players complementing this team. Hence there is no doubt that IPL does not promote national feelings but rather narrow regional feelings. How about Foreign players. They play for MONEY like mercenaries. When they register a win they get more money.If they lose, what the heck,they donot bother. This is the outcome. They will say that they are playing the game for gamesake and not for namesake.

What about the audience in South Africa. Do you think they will support any team. No team will get the local support.The audience will be spectators and may cheer when the ball is hit for a boundary or sixer.That is all. At the most they may support the team in which players from South Africa are playing. The audience in Capetown had interesting moments when a stray dog wandered on to the Cape Town pitch shortly after the fall of Jayasuriya’s wicket, (Mumbai-Srilankan Indian)and the helpless fielders, including Flintoff of the Chennai Super Kings side was watching the chase of the dog as it evaded capture for about ten minutes. The dog finally gave in ,when one of the staff members, lured the dog with some food stuff and the dog after holding the attention of the audience and the players for about ten minutes,and the game was interrupted and later resumed. The dog seemed to have a purpose.It has boldly demonstrated the helplessness of the organizers. They took about 10 minutes to bring under control and remove a the dog from the ground. Substitute an unruly and armed person in place of the dog. What colossal damage he could have caused in the ten minutes.This thought would have crossed the mind of at least one of the IPL organizers,who would have sighed with relief. The next thing is the climatic conditions in South Africa. Nobody expected that the rains will play spoil sport. Did the organizers deliberately turn a blind eye to the weather conditions in their zeal to conduct the tournaments at any cost at the scheduled dates ,which resulted in this.

Without the tacit support from the local crowd in the audience , we could watch the players in the TV channel every now and then looking at the sky. I wondered whether they were trying to catch a glimpse of the satellites which beam the television signals to the entire world including their home country, hoping that the support will rain down from the satellites /from the people who were before their Television sets in India as reverse osmosis. The Indian players appeared to be missing the Indian audience,who hail from all walks of life and who were prepared to postpone or forget the jobs they do for the sake of watching the match . The only silver lining for the audience was the “liberal exposure“of the cheer leaders who would have otherwise had a tough time facing the so called Moral police in India had the matches been held in Indian venues. Now that the IPL -2 has started getting the attention, let us watch and enjoy the matches , via the TV channels.