The  attack by few Australians on the Indian student community  appears to be based on their  inherent fear that one day the Indians, the so called  economy builders,may devour their opportunities of employment and leave them in the lurch . This is the fear which has surfaced in the minds of the young aussies which made them react like this. They have sensed  what happened in USA. The Aussies have vast stretches of land but not enough  people to settle there. If one has to turn the pages of history, the fact will emerge that  the continent was  once home  for  deported convicts from England and their overseers. No body expects  any publicity  on this bit of fact.

The aussies are surprised at the hue and cry the Indian public made, when they heard about the assault on the Indian students because they  might have read about some of the Indian organizations  which  agitate for the sons of their soils and  which  are not prepared to live in harmony with their own brethren in the area/region ,  who do not speak their language and who, generations before, have moved form from another part of their dear motherland and settled in the respective “controversial areas” and admittedly contributed to the economy and development  of the region. Look at the irony. Do we have any right to blame the entire aussie population for the wrongs committed by the  misguided few.  We  tend to comment about the piece of dirt in other’s shirt, when  there is a load of shit on our back. Notwithstanding this, do you think that the aussies are going to scare away the India community.The answer is a clear NO.   Many  old Indian students who pursued their higher education in Australia are  not ready to accept the  alleged racial attitude of the Australian youth. No one can blame these people  for their  view because, in those days  they did not face the situation like the present one in which the Australian youth, by their  behaviour  are openly expressing  their inherent  fear that the Indian students  may  snatch  their  chances of employment.

No incident  of assault is going to act as deterrent for the aspiring Indian student community who are proving to be threateningly intelligent  from proceeding to Australia  for their higher studies. Hence the aussies  may better watch out and learn to live in harmony with Indian students community without showing signs of such intolerance and  latent fear. However, in the aftermath of the negative publicity, they got after the escalation of assault on the Indian student community, the Educational Institutions and the Government leaders are finding ways to woo the  aspiring  Indian students by offering concessions in fees and increasing the quantum of freebies like student scholarship and assistanceships. This will be certainly taken advantage of by the ever aspiring Indian students. Good hunting guys.

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