The Indians  could not retain the world T20 title in 2009 not  because they were destined to lose the matches but  because of excessive cricket, thanks to the Money Spinning IPL Tournaments which they played before the commencement of World Cup T-20. The Indian players were exhausted. When other International teams were working hard to improve their skills, the Indian players were busy making money. Did the BCCI know that their contracted , but exhausted ,players may not farewell in the prestigious World Cup Tournament or were they naïve in thinking that the Indian players will show their mettle despite exhaustion. Adding fuel to the fire, the IPL Commissioner made the preposterous suggestion that he would recommend for conducting IPL Tournaments twice in a year. I don’t think, he had the country’s interest in heart but the quest for doing business using Cricket. Had this idea been implemented, I dread to imagine what will happen to the favourite game, with twice exhausted players.

The IPL 2 has spoiled the chances of India  winning or remaining  in the race till finals. In such a circumstance Mody was rediculousely suggesting that IPL should be held twiced year. If it is  going to be so, India can  certainly come” first” in all National games only  and kiss good bye to International event. When I started to analyse the psychological reasons for the loss of cup/face by the Indian team, I could remember the situation faced by M.S.Dhoni was akin to that  faced   Arjun in the Kurushetra War in the Mahabharat. World cup T2o was  like the Great Kurushektra war.  MS(Mahabharat Story ) Dhoni  played the role of Arjun. In  all the matches in the  tournament he saw in   front  of him, all his( relatives) friends who played with him on his side . Some of the team members  who were opposing him tooth and nail were with him and he could  not depend on them entirely. The bruises were too strong to just disappear.  MSD faced the dilemma. The Coach   Gary Christen   plays the role of Lord Krishna.( See the similarity in name Kristen and Krishan). Like it happened in Bhagawat Gita,  the coach  may have repeated the verses  “If you will not fight this righteous war, then you will fail in your duty, lose your reputation, and incur sin.People will talk about your disgrace forever,” Thus the Coach  advised Dhoni  to  forget the feelings for his friends in the opponent teams  and to play  for his country ( do his duty without expecting any reward) MS Dhoni did exactly that and there was no REWARD (cup).

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