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March 31, 2009

Amidst controversy , the organizers of IPL season 2 decided to shift the IPL 2 Tournaments from India to South Africa. India’s loss is South Africa’s gain. The decision to shift was not welcomed by majority,but by the team owners and advertisers and event managers. The IPL management was intent on conducting the matches some how in their pursuit of making fast bucks. They were not bothered about the timings of the schedules. All the matches were supposed to, have been played in India during the prime time of Annual Examinations. The students whose exams were in the offing, constituted a thumbing majority of the cricket loving public. Watching the matches,when they must be actually preparing for their exams would have had telling effect on their academic scores. Further the organizers were not prepared to believe the “clear and present danger”. They went to the extent of telling the players and their troupes that the IPL management will provide security to them. But they had totally forgotten about the security of the gullible public and the danger they will be exposed to, in case of materialization of any threat to their secutity. How can IPL protect the fifty thousand strong audience without the help of the Government security agencies. Their quest for fast bucks, has made them totally forget the reality and they behaved like horses with Blinkers and interested in going ahead with the matches.Greed knows no bounds.

Finally when the Government finally put their foot down, and made their firm decision and demonstrated that security of the public is also important.The decision was viewed as a silver lining in the dark clouds. When the IPL management decided to shift the matches out of India, it was a great relief to the students and to the politicians. Of course one should not forget the loss of revenue to the Hospitality and tourism industry. If one assumes it is a political decision, it was a welcome and wise decision .The IPL organisers got the message and chose to move out instead of postponing. They did not mind the revenue loss to the Government or about depriving the voters among the organizers/event managers/players/thousands of Indian audience from exercising their franchise in the elections but were interested in continuing their business in Sports Industry. Since they could not wait a little longer to conduct the Indian Premier League in the stadia of India they may as well think of re-christening IPL as International Premier League.


March 31, 2009

India is going to the polls. The Poll bugle has sounded and the political parties have started blowing their own trumpets. All the contending parties are getting ready to flood the voting public with promises,(often repeated in their manifestos) and allegations and counter allegations against each other. The common man is not confused but a silent listener. He knows very well which side of his bread is buttered. He would have already made up his mind. He will attend all the political meetings giving (false)hope and impression to the aspiring candidate that all the attendees are with him and gives the candidate a taste of mobocracy.

The common man will receive all the gifts clandestinely passed on by the candidates and at the time of pressing the button in the EVM, he will take the final decision and that is it. No one can predict the outcome correctly, save the exit polls,which does to some extent.

In the Indian scenario the battle for the 15th Lok Sabha has begun. The battle is not between two sides. There are so many sides. So many opponents. Each candidate will have to remember carefully the identity of the opponent,with whom he is fighting or for whom he is fighting. The poll – fighters will have to fight differently with their enemies in different States. A party which is a friend in one State may be a foe in another,thanks to the so called political compulsions. Fair weather friends leave or join the alliances for obvious reasons and Coalition politics will be here to stay. The small parties will have a bigger say in the formation of the Government and they presently use their standing to bargain for more seats.The beauty is, every party thinks it is indispensable and invincible. They join forces and forge alliances and fronts which keep on increasing.”There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.”(This is an usual and infamous quote by the opportunist – politicians who frequently jump sides to justify their latest alignments. There may be friends who may be with the party but would not vote with the party but they may have their own private agenda and candidates. The present trend is some how to get a seat,fight the election and regroup at a later stage,according to the political winds which offer bright future for five years.

To understand “What is Politics “ let me quote the following verses which depict what is politics with an example.

Socialism You have two cows. You give one cow to your neighbour

Communism You have two cows.The Government takes them and gives you


Fascism You have two cows. The government takes both and shoots


Capitalism You have two cows. They sell one cow and buy a bull

Trade Unionism You have two cows.They take both. Shoot one cow.Milk the

other and throw the milk away

In India the aspirants to the Lok sabha include socialists,communists,capitalists and Trade Unionists.(what about fascists ? I donot know because no one can fathom the mind of the politicians)

You know what will happen if you have two cows. You should learn to protect your cows and have the milk too.What you should do. How about electing the breed with the mix of a socialist and capitalist.The socialist in him will make you give the other cow to your neighbour.The capitalist in him will sell the neighbour’s cow to buy a bull. Then you and your cow will have to depend on the neighbour for all practical purposes and the neighbor will have to follow suit. At least by this way one who possess the cow will get milk and have calves at a later stage. These calves may turn into cows or bulls so that more such examples can be cited to describe politics. You can have the cow as well as drink the milk. Hence it is better to vote to one’s advantage.

The Politicians may woo the voters with caste tags,religious tags,ethnic tags etc,But do not fall for it.Know your Politician KYP like the bankers adopt the policy of Know your customer. One way the politician is also a customer with whom you are going to do social business for five years.( I am not referring to those winning candidates who visit their constituency once in 5 years). Recession does not seem to have affected many a cash rich party, who are intent on spending billions of rupees as “investment”.To confuse the voters,and to make fast bucks on the last dates of withdrawal of nominations , so many ‘namesake ’candidates file their nominations and invest small amounts as deposits. Politics means a ‘lot’ to those who want to make a ‘lot’.

Any way it is not the voter’s problem.

Your votes will speak for you. You send the message to the politicians by selecting the appropriate candidate and they will get the message. But you should use the democratic weapon,which you are allowed to use it once in 5 years for few seconds and you will not get another chance to use it again till next elections for which you will have to wait for another five years. You can compare yourself with the legendary Karan in the great epic “Maha Bharat “ when he was made to promise to use Bramhastra only once on Arjun. However thanks to the advice of Lord Krishna through Kunthi Devi ( to ensure the victory of good over the evil) he could not take second chance. Anyway Karan was knowing what he was doing . It is better to make use of the chance once decisively when it is available and for all. Every one who was not caring till now should realize that “ It is out duty to vote”. As a citizen of India, the constitution defines Voting as your Right as well as your Duty. However ,with too many precedents of bogus voting and rigging, we may also have to pray before exercising our franchise


March 19, 2009

I have recently read in a newspaper about a scientific study presented at American Heart Association’s Annual conference on cardio vascular diseases, on the effect of short sleep on the diabetics.According to the study people who slept less than 6 hours a day are likely to develop Type –II Diabetes Mellitus over a six year period.

We all know the sleeper will be sleeping normally lying down,with closed eyes,and blissfully unaware of the surroundings,and breathing in rhythmic pattern and relaxed.

The study has shown that short sleepers are prone to develop abnormal fasting blood sugar levels. which leads to Diabetes. Inadequate sleep results in adverse health issues.

Why people are supposed to short sleep. In a day of 24 hourss can’t they afford at least 6 to 7 hrs of sleep. What is the reason. Generally the infants sleep for a long time.They sleep thorough the day and become wide awake in the nights. Children who play very well sleep very well. Those who do hard labour get automatic and undisturbed sleep.

There are some persons who can catch up with some sleep irrespective of the surroundings they are in..There are some people who will not wink an eye even if they curl themselves on KURL ON beds.

Those who rise from bed early are forced by the body to go to sleep in the early hours of the night and they get up early. The biological clock in the body makes this possible.After the body gets the needed rest,it gets ready for the next day with fresh mind.

We all know that every waking up in the morning from sleep is GOD’s GIFT to mankind. The Asthmatics whose disease doesnot allow them to sleep ,keep awake throughout the night and they get very good sleep in the early mornings.

Some people want to become achievers by sacrificing their sleep.For example,they feel that sacrificing their sleep and doing work in that time will help them in achieving their goals. For some people twenty four hous in a day are not enough. There aresome people who require the 25th Hour in a day to have their own ay of life.In the Hollywood movie,

the 25th Hour depicts the last day of freedom for the Hero who , before beginning to serving a seven-year jail term for drug dealin prowls through the city until dawn with his two close male friends and his girlfriend.The 25th hour forces him to re-examine his life..

I remember having seen another hilarious Hollywood Movie “THE SLEEPER” acted, produced and directed by the famous Hollywood Director Woody Allen plays his role as Miles the hero. In this movie the hero was cryogenically frozen to sleep in the year 1973 and and awakes after two hundred years in the year 2173. When he wakes up like Rip Van Winkle he finds that the America of 2173 is a totalitarian state ruled by an oppressive dictator, and Miles has been reanimated by a group of rebels fighting to overthrow the government.The story line goes how he helps the rebsl to overthrow the oppressor.A nice movie to watch.

People on night shift are not supposed to sleep. They tend to sleep in the day to make up for the loss of sleep. In the busy cities like Chennai and Mumbai where the working folks reside at a minimum distance of atleast 50 KMs from their work place, have to start early to catch bus,train ,rickshaws to reach their offices/factories in time and they sacrifice their sleep. The call centre folks are often found sleeping in their transports when they commute to and fro office.

In the hospitals where patients are made to sleep with sleeping pills and doses so that rtheir body gets the much needed rest to recuperate. I remember an anectdote in which one patient complained to the night duty doctor that he was not getting sleep.The doctor advised him to start counting 1,2,…3 etc and that he will automatically fall sleep.and the patient implicitly obeyed. When the night shift doctor was on his rounds in small hours he heard some murmur and he went near the patients’s bed and guess what he heard. 12002,12003,12004…..The patient was wide awake and counting.. it seemed that the doctor’s ‘oral’ medicine(advice) did not work.

In our household, the youngsters (of Youngistaan’s) are lured by the Action Movie Channels to keep awake to watch the action movie they are going to telecast “Just after the 9 PM Movie.” This means the movie wil start at about 11 PM and will take atleast

2 hours to complete including the commercials they are forced to watch. You are deprived of the sleep till 1 AM Hope the youngsters see through this ploy and avoid falling for it and give priority to sleep.

Sleep is commons among reptiles, birds and mammals. Different animals sleep in different ways. The elephants and horses sleep in standing position. . Giraffes sleep less than two hours a day, while pythons snooze through three-fourths of the day.

If you lose your sleep you tend to lose enthusiasm and energy, memory and concentration.

To get better sleep,one should try practicing fixed hours of sleep,trey to do some exercises.and generally be active.Avoid sleep during the day and you will compensate in the night, Self – deprivation of sleep is among the people who lead high paced lifestyle. Such people should forget their goal at least for 6 hours a day to have healthy sleep everyday.

If you get sufficient sleep,say atleast 7 to 8 hours a day your mind gets sharper and you become efficient.

When we discuss the sleep, I am reminded of the waking up.For short sleepers who suffer from insufficient sleep, the alarm clocks is their first adversary of the day. You can wake up the person who is actually sleeping,but you cannot wake up the person who pretend to be asleep. I am reminded of the lyrics of famous Cine Poet Kannadasan which reads as follows :

Thookkam Un Kangalai Thazhuvattumae

Amaidhi Un Nenjinil Nilavattumae.

(Let Sleep embrace your eyes and Peace prevail, in your heart.) This clearly shows that sleeps bring peace. When the human beings are finally ‘at peace’,they look as if they are sleeping.

I have seen in one Movie titled Beautiful people,in which people from a particular tribal community in Africa donot rest their head on the floor while they are sleeping,Instead when they sleep .they have their heads raised atleast three quarter of a feet above ground level with palms supporting their heads. I think short sleepers may be following the advice Actor turned Chief Minister of Tamil nadu , Late MG Ramachandran affectionately called as MGR by his ardent fans, in the lyrics of Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram in a Tamil Movie Naadodi Mannan,which goes like this:

Thoongathaey Thambi Thoongathaey Nee Soamberi Enra Peyar Vaangathaey (Don’t sleep younger brother, Don’t get the name as a Lazy fellow’)

I am updating this  post  on 20th March 2009  after coming to know that   this day is being observed as “WORLD SLEEP DAY”.

WORLD SLEEP DAY 2009  —  MARCH 20, 2009

World Sleep Day is an international annual event, intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, including medicine, education, social aspects and driving. It aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders. World Sleep Day 2009 is being held on March 20th, under the slogan ‘Drive alert, arrive safe’. This year’s theme is transportation, focussing on safety, travel and driving alertness.

The first World Sleep Day was launched on March 14th 2008. Events involving local groups took place in public settings around the world and online with the unveiling of a declaration, presentation of educational materials, and exhibition of videos.

The World Sleep Day declaration is as follows:

  • Whereas, sleepiness and sleeplessness constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life,

  • Whereas, much can be done to prevent and treat sleepiness and sleeplessness,

  • Whereas, professional and public awareness are the firsts steps to action,

  • We hereby DECLARE that the disorders of sleep are preventable and treatable medical conditions in every country of the world.
  • The event is sponsored by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM)


Honesty not only pays but also collects Taxes.

March 13, 2009

We all know ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and ‘Honesty pays’. We are taught about honesty in our school days and the students write essays in their curriculam and prepare speeches to win competitions. So far they learn it in theory.But when they try to put in practice,the young generations are confused and they ask themselves whether the honesty really pays. They come to realize with determination that honesty begets rewards sometimes and most of the times go un recognised.By being rich and being honest is comparatively easy.But the honesty among the prro and downtrodden is very common and deserve the praise ,recognition and reward. Honesty itself is a reward. No wealth can equal this. We have heard about the honesty of auto/taxi drivers, police constables in these days.

I have come across an incident which gave a new meaning to the dictum “Honesty also collects taxes”. The story behind this was published in newspapers sometime back. This news item showed how unscrupulous people take the Transport Department for a ride.

One reputed journalist in Chennai travelled in an Auto rickshaw in the morning hours carrying few luggages ,which included an expensive camera which he kept in the space behind the seat. Forgetting to take the camera with him he alighted from the auto and later reached home where he noticed that the camera was missing. As a shrewd journalist he remembered the Registration number of the auto in which he travelled. He personally met a Senior officer in the Traffic Police Department ,who was media- friendly and sought his help. The Police officer immediately flashed the Regn. Number of the Auto rickshaw to all police stations/traffic check points in the city for immediate apprehension/detention of the particular auto. In the meantime one driver who took over from his colleague in the after noon shift noticed the camera behind the rear seat of the Auto rickshaw. He guessed that when his colleague was on the morning shift , some passenger should have inadvertently left it behind. Being a honest person he immediately went to the commissioner’s office and handed over the camera to the Senior Police officer who congratulated the auto driver for his honesty. When all these things were happening, wireless messages started pouring in from six different police stations in the city that they have traced and detained the “auto rickshaw” with the particular Regn No. The Police officers immediately smelt the rat and all the autorickshaws were ordered to be seized and the owner was later arrested. It came to light on investigation that the owner paid permit charges and road Tax etc for only one auto and used copies of the same documents for other autos as well and thus was evading tax . Thus he honesty of single auto rickshaw driver brought the scam to light. Like Superstar Rajni Kanth depicted the role of auto rickshaw drivers in his Tamil Movie “Baadsha” with his song “Naan Autokaaran .. Autokaaran ..” The driver of the above auto rickshaw has proved himself to be a living example of the autokaaran referred to by Rajni Kanth.

I recall having read about another incident which happened in the in busy Majestic area of Bangalore city ,when two Omni buses came near the office of a “reputed” travel agency to pick up the passengers one late evening. Seeing the two omni buses juxta posed, with same Registration number ,the passengers got confused and in the melee ,some ticket brokers promptly alerted the police who arrived on the scene,registered a case and detained the buses.Later the RTO authorities demanded and collected the permit charges and tax per seat with back date. I think this is only tip of the ice burg.The reason for this , is the greediness of the owner of the auto rickshaws and omni buses who thought “who is going to check ?’. Anyway the honesty of an auto rickshaw driver really made the owner pay the taxes resulted in collection of taxes.


March 13, 2009

Have you any time wondered how safe and secure is your vehicle. You may have number plates for your vehicle with security features. Nowadays , the number of vehicles being stolen is alarmingly on the increase. Existing number plates are not secure and can be faked easily. The vehicles once stolen disappears. The thieves strip the vehicle into parts and sell the vehicle parts in GujIri or waste iron shops. The Gujiri owners who are called “fences” specialize in purchasing and breaking down stolen vehicles and selling the parts as second hand spare parts. The moment the stolen vehicle arrives in their premises, experts get down to work to destroy the identity of the vehicle systematicaly . Even the owner who was using the vehicle for years ,cannot recognize his vehicle even if it is brought before him. Such spare parts are kept mixed with junk materials and older parts and sold to nosy mechanics who are on the prowl in these areas to buy such items at half the original cost. In order to prevent thefts and to trace the stolen vehicles the Government came up with idea of indelibly marking the vehicle with security features.

The Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways of the Government of India notified the introduction of High Security Registration Number Plates (HSRNP) about five years ago .The system aimed at beating the crime relating to theft of the vehicles and to trace the stolen vehicles..

As per this system all new vehicles in the country will have to come equipped with these sophisticated number plates. The users of old vehicles were given time to replace the number plates of their vehicles with HSRNP. The new security features to these plates is supposed to make it easy to identify vehicles, avoid theft and provide uniformity across the country. My google search regarding the security features produced the following data which I reproduce below:

“The security features aim to protect against counterfeiting, and hence a Chromium-based hologram containing the ‘chakra’ hot stamped on the plate. A permanent identification number is also laser branded into the reflective sheeting of the number plate. The legend ‘IND’ is impressed by hot stamping or embedded into the film for country uniform identity. Letters and numerals of registration number marked in English are embossed on the registration plate and ‘INDIA inscription is hot stamped on the letters /numerals/border. As per the current specifications, the sticker for the third number plate has a Chromium hologram and contains the basic information about the vehicle such as the code of registering authority, registration number of the vehicle, laser branded permanent identification number, engine number and chassis number of the vehicle.”

The above security featured number plate has already come into force in most of the States and there is delay in implementing the scheme in so far as it relates to the old vehicles.

There are experts on the subject that even these security features are not fool proof as fake number plates can still be manufactures after clandestinely obtaining the data from the foreign companies to which the manufacture has been outsourced.

We have seen in the Hollywood blockbuster ”Gone in 60 seconds” starred by Nicholas Cage , in his role as a Master- car- thief has shown how easy it is , easy to steel a high segment car installed with security features like central locking systems and Auto cops. In this movie the hero and his gang effortlessly are able to open any locked car ,start it and move away within sixty seconds.( The film trivia says that Nicholas did most of the stunts on the cars by himself without a double and took special training in specialized driving schools ) Coming to think of our car thieves, looking at the statistics on reported car thefts, one has to admit that the car thief in India may be bettering the above record, with his indigenous methods , thanks to the lax in security. Hence whether your car is protected with security features or not, or whether Auto cop is looking after your car in your absence, you cannot avoid losing the car to a determined thief,who is more sophisticated. Recently the Police seized from a gang of thieves a number of stolen cars ,which were earlier fitted with high security number plates and they were found missing when the cars were seized. The car thieves had reportedly removed the number plates without bothering about the high security features.

How sure are we that somebody else is not running their vehicles with the Registration number of vehicles we own or we sold but ownership not transferred by the purchaser/transferee. Three years back, one of my friends who sold his two wheeler to another person (unknown) had a surprise visitor from the police station. Eventhough at the time of sale and delivery of the vehicle to the buyer,my friend had signed all documents necessary for transfer of ownership and taken a Delivery note , this visit surprised him. The police man told that the vehicle my friend sold still shows the name of my friend as owner of the vehicle and that it is involved in some offence and that he should go over to the station and explain. The friend had a lot of explanation to do and finally convinced the police that he is not the present owner of the vehicle by showing the DELIVERY NOTE signed by the purchaser of the vehicle.The police advised him that ,as a prudent seller,he should have ensured that the document is transferred to the buyer within reasonable time. My friend had signed form No:30 which is a mandatory intimation by any transferor/seller of the vehicle to the RTO authorities without which the RTO authorities cannot effect the transfer of ownership.My friend checked up with RTO authorities as to whether he can write a letter to RTO regarding sale of the vehicle and whether such a letter will come to his rescue. The answer was a big ‘ NO.’ There is no rule which compels the person who buys the vehicle to transfer the vehicle to his name within a certain time frame. At the visit surprised him.e high security features. eized.f stolen cars ,which were earlier fitted with high security number pl One lawyer friend suggested that my friend could have published a NOTICE in the newspapers that he has sold the vehicle to the buyer with date of sale and that the risk will be borne by the purchaser from the time of signing of delivery note and added that this would be still a mitigating factor only. The solution to this problem may lie in incorporating a section in the Motor Vehicle Rules to the effect that the current purchaser/holder of the vehicle should arrange to transfer the vehicle to his name from the previous owner’s name within six months and if no such transfer is made,the vehicle should be compulsorily transferred to the name of the person who signed the delivery note and stiff penalty equivalent to the cost of a new vehicle should be levied from the defaulter.

The moral of the story is that some unscrupulous persons may continue to resort to dubious methods to hoodwink the system and evade the taxes. But innocent ,law abiding seller of the vehicle will always have to keep the delivery note for eternity to show that he is no more owner of the vehicle he sold already.

In case you are planning to sell your vehicle, here is a tip: try to sell it to a known person, or through a reputed Auto consultant/ agency, collect the sale consideration by cheque/DD ( which leaves a money trail) and follow up with him till transfer of ownership. Whether the so called High security features come to our rescue or not, let us be smart in securing and protecting our interest in the vehicle.


March 6, 2009

Dr.Vijay Mallya has done it again.Dr.Mallya who managed to buy and bring to India ,the sword of TIPU SULTAN ,the much coveted treasure, has again come to the rescue of the Indians who love Gandhi, by successfully bidding in the auction by world’s leading auction house by name Antiquorum ,in New York. The items which Mr.Otis, threatened to auction were a Zenith Chain watch,his round rimmed spectacles,a pair of sandals ,a plate and a bowl. It is sad that International Peace Loving Community or International Governments of did not come to rescue the belongings of Gandhi ,who is the exponent of the concept of Non violence to the entire World, and who brought the mighty British Empire to its heel with his civil disobedience and Satyagraha Movements. The auction may be a private affair. The auctioneers are interested in their auction fees,which is a percentage on the winning bid amount,.The filthily rich Collectors of artefacts want to collect them. However Indians feel that is a public affair  as far as India is concerned  in India with the sentiments of 110 cr people of India, simmering with anxiety on hearing about the auction. The Embassy of India in New York could have approached the US court on behalf of Nav Jivan Trust(Who had permanently authorised Government of Indiato take suitable action torestore  the belongings of Gandhi ) to stall the auction, tillMr,James  Otis comes to the negotiating table to agree to part with the items for a reasonable price. Strangely neither the Barak Obama Government or the British Government cared a dime  in this issue.Amidst news about withdrawing of Mr.Otis from auction in a section of the press, we have heard the breaking news that finally Dr.Vijay mallya has secured the items with his successful  bid of US $ 1.8. million. The amount of US $ 1.8 million(Rs 9 crs) spent by Dr Vijay Mallya is nothing when compared to his noble intent ions . At last the belongings will be brought to India and  kept in the Museum where it belongs for the posterity to see. The dis- information compaign( launched by some well wishers ?) about the auction being  called off , was perhaps to just ward off the other bidders. However Mr.Otis as expected managed to get  good bargain. He knew that the bid amount will get fatter with hue and cry getting bigger.

This morning ( 6th march 09) Dr.Vijay Mallya in his interview to news channel  C NN IBN was very pious in claiming his success and suggested that a law should be made in India to prevent such auction of the memorabilia of Gandhi anywhere in the world. Will the law makers listen ? You know what will happen.The people and the media will forget this incident and this matter will not crop up until some other person like Mr.James Otis claim possession of other belongings of Gandhi and again much ado will be there. No wonder Life goes on like this in India.

Is it the duty of Dr.Vijay Mallya only to come to the rescue every now and then.What about the Indian Global Business Conglomerates .Were they not aware of the sentiments of Indians.Can’t they use a bit from the pile of amassed wealth for this noble cause. They could have certainly joined together and at least formed a consortium and purchased the items with one snap of a finger and restored the items to India thereby showing that they care and in the process  discharge  their social responsibility. For such efforts, the business houses should recognised by Government with grant of  Tax relief.This will cvertainly  encourage them. Hope the Big Industrial houses form discreetlya corpus fund ,  to restore the belongings of Mahatma gandhi.Notwithstanding  his winning of the  hearts of Indians with his memorable feat, Dr.Mallya  should be granted tax relief, whether he chooses to avail of the same or not. As suggested by him the  Legislature  can amend the provisions of Income tax Act  provide tax benefits for such efforts.

As stated by Tamil Actor Vivek,in aTamil movie,in which he being a Tamilian will dress up like a Namboodri , says as follows to impress and entice a malayalee girl ” henceforth I will be a Keralite,My favoutire star  will be Mammotty My favourite  chief minister will be Nayanar etc.”  ‘ Taking cue from this dialogue, many Indians including Bangaloreans, will be  tempted to say . “Hence forth what I drink will be UB Beer,What I fly will be Kingfisher Flight.Vijay mallya will be my favourite leader.”

Like the Music maestro AR Rahman who brought Oscar award to India. Dr.Vijay Mallya has brought’ is bringing  the memorabilia like Oscar award to India in memory of Gandhi.Those who  tasted the” spirit” of Vijay mallya   in the  liquor products UB and Kingfisher Brand  of has seen in reality  his   “NATIONAL SPIRIT “. Acting like a King fisher in real life,  he watched silently ,swooped down on the swimming fish  at the appropriate moment and caught the  prey. Hats off to  him, for this patriotic  effort.   All the people who   glance at the memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi,will also remember Dr.Vijay Mallya as the Indian who upheld the sentiments of Indians and restored the legacy of Mahatma. JAI HO, Dr.Vijay Mallya.


March 2, 2009

Further to my blog on JUSTICE FOR A BUFFALO , another news item caught my eye, in a Tamil newspaper today(2nd march 2009) about a mobile phone recovered from the stomach of a FISH in United Kingdom and the cell phone was found to be still working. I may recall the dialogue of Crazy Mohan in the Tamil Movie “ Michael Madhana Kamaraajan”  in which he has punned on the word “mean” .You may ask what do you ‘mean’. I mean this is another blog regarding “mean”(fish).
As per the newstory a business man in United Kingdom by name Andrew Seattle lost his cell phone while he was taking bath in sea.He thought that the cell phone must have been drawn into the sea by the sea waves After a day or two when he went to a shop to buy a new mobile phone along with his fiancee,he received a call in her cell phone which flashed his cell number as the ‘caller’.The caller was a fisherman by name Clown kerley .He narrated how he found the cell phone inside the stomach of a fish he caught( and was trying to cook) and since it was working , he could scroll and spot  the frequently called number and dialled the cell number of fiancee and informed that he will restore the cell phone to the owner. Mr.Andrew Seattle was very happy and surprised to note that the cell phone was recovered from the stomach of the fish and was in working condition. One thing we understand from the news is that it is better to call your fiancée frequently from your cell phone so that benefits will pour in from unknown quarters. If the frequently called number happened to be some other girl,other than his fiancée, you can guess what will be the plight of Mr.Andrews.He would have become a fish out of water. Anyway this did not happen . Further from this episode one is driven to assume that the digestive systems of buffalo or the fish is not a match for the sturdiness of the cell phone. If the fisher man had sent his “catch” to the fish market, when the cell phone rang ,so many persons would have “fished” into their bags / shirt/skirt or trouser pockets for their cell phones to check whether it was their cell phone ringing.
Why we have started hearing such news so frequently. There is some thing “fishy” about the whole episode of such reporting. It occurs to me that this is possibly due to a conspiracy hatched by the Cell phone manufactures/service providers in releasing such news to the media to gain publicity.The reporters also fall for such news stories without realising the publicity factor behind it. The reporters and readers are happy to report/read such news items as long as it is interesting to read, and different from other monotonous news items.
I recollect having read about a monkey in a tourist spot in Kerala .A monkey snatched a cell phone from a tourist climbed the top of a tree and refused to part with it despite cajoling with fruits and other eatables. An idea struck the owner of the cell phone.He remembered about having set VIBRATION MODE in his cell phone , and managed to give a ring to his own cell number and the startled monkey dropped the cell phone.The monkey got his fruits and the owner his cell phone, and both were happy.
I am not attempting to crusade the cause of the fish, which species has been created by God in 486 varieties A fish is any aquatic vertebrate animal that is typically ectothermic(or cold blooded.). A search in Wikipidia, showed the following results for the digestive system of the fish:
“The advent of jaws allowed fish to eat a much wider variety of food, including plants and other organisms. In fish, food is ingested through the mouth and then broken down in the esophagus. When it enters the stomach, the food is further broken down and, in many fish, further processed in fingerlike pouches called pyloric caeca. The pyloric caeca secrete digestive enzymes and absorb nutrients from the digested food. Organs such as the liver and pancreas add enzymes and various digestive chemicals as the food moves through the digestive tract. The intestine completes the process of digestion and nutrient absorption.”
It is surprising to imagine that the cell phone has gone through such a digestive system and was found in working condition till the fisherman split it open and the cell phone was found unscathed. The fish which swallowed the mobile phone did not know the  consequences of its actions.The fish treated it as food and thought it can digest that. Needless to say that the radiation from the mobile phone would have killed the fish,before the fisherman could lay his knife on it. We cannot guess what the fish would have felt, if at all  it had any feelings. The fish had become a carrier and  ‘means’ for communication.Other fishes would have avoided coming near it and  therefore could have been outcast from its society.

Thinking about fish, two hollywood characters came to my mind. It is easy to refer to characters in Hollywood films to discuss about real life characters. I hope the poor fish is not named Nemo ,the hero in the Hollywood animated film ‘Finding Nemo’ , in which the father of Nemo, a clown fish searches for his son Nemo and finds that Nemo is capable of taking care of himself. Another character which came to my mind is the fish named Oscar in the Hollywood animated film “Shark Tales” in which, the tiny fish poses itself as ‘shark slayer’ and faces the consequences from the mobster sharks. Coincidently there was a ‘clown’ fish in the film Finding Nemo’ and ‘Clown’ Kerley is the name of the fisherman,who is supposed to have ‘found’ the cell phone inside the stomach of the fish. Rest is left to the imagination of the readers

Anyway my guess is that in the days to come,we are going to hear more news about swallowing of cell phones by various animals from the ‘cold blooded’ advertisers.