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Nagesh,the chaplin of India

January 31, 2009

Actor Nagesh who has passed away when he is 77 years young, leaves behind him a grieving lot which includes not only his family members and fans but also his admirers throughout the world. He is one great comedy artist whose name will not be forgotten. He excelled himself as a hero, comedian, and villain. His roles as Dharmi in Thiruvilayadal and a villain in Apoorava sagothargal come to my mind. No one can forget his role as the father- in- law of Yugi Sethu in Panchathantram. When he accidently joins the merry making gang to Bangalore, drinks scotch from the flask reciting the famous song, “Poanaal pohattum Poada…. Intha Bhoomiyil Nilayai Vaazhndavar Yarada…” from the film Palum Pazhamum…… In this hour we are not able to digest the fact and leave it as Poanal pohattum Poada…Nagesh has gone to Swarg to spread the message of humour, comedy and happiness to the ‘guests’ there. But Nagesh will live permanently in our memories. Nagesh was always equated with Charlie Chaplin for his excellent sense of humour and body language. Now Nagesh has gone. We are not able to think like him… There is no actor like nagesh and there can be no one like him in the future also…Our dear nageshji will always come to our drawing room through the Television media in the days, weeks, months, years and decades to come. Let us console ourselves saying that the saga of Nagesh cannot leave this world. Long live the Chaplin of India in our minds.

Who wants to be the Host in SlumDogMillionaire

January 25, 2009

This is regarding the film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. This film appeals to thousands like me who were aspiring to participate in the show hosted by our Big B Amitabh Bachchan Kaun Banega Crorepati. In this movie one cannot stop comparing the role of Anil Kapur with Amitabh.What a sea of difference in both the characters. As millions watched Amitabh in his show who used to be friendly and encouraging, Amitabh always used to even give positive hints to the participant to come out with the right answers,when the particpant was wavering. Look what Anil Kapur does in Slum Dog Millionaire. He torments Jamal Malik , frequently calling him “chaiwallah.” I do not know why Danny Boyle chose to picturise the character of the Host as so harsh and cruel…. he often tends to forget that Anil is hosting the show in Mumbai .There are so many unrealistic incidents in the film like suspecting the participant when he was just one question away from Rs 2 crs. Has  the Director tried to project that there is no law  in India…. as if the Police can be used to extract the truth….at the will and pleasure of the Host. We can recall the moments when Amitabh conducted himself in the show that won the heart of slumdogs like me. It is a good thing that a British-made Indian film got the golden globe awards and edging towards the much awaited Oscar. Had the producers engaged Amitabh Bachchan for the Role of the Host… imagine the excitement that would have created… but that was not to be. Anil Kapur was thanking Sharukh for declining the offer. But Anil Kapur  has really taken to greater heights the admiration for the Big B in KBC. Most of you will agree with me that Amitabh would have compared himself with the character of the host in SDM and would have smiled to himself and thanked Anil Kapur for making the million people recall how  good he(Amitabh) was in KBC.